Friday, August 24, 2012

The Review Review: "good news, harsh reviews & all things lit maggy"

A few days after posting last week's Life After the MFA my colleague Amber Starfire forwarded a newsletter from The Review Review, an online review of literary journals, with the exciting news that founding editor Becky Tuch posted the following blog mention and link:
In other news, if you’ve gotten your MFA, are mid-MFA or potentially pre-MFA, you might appreciate Nicole R. Zimmerman’s encouraging and level-headed article, “Life After the MFA: Exploring Publication Options.” 
 Since I'm also exploring career options (journalist? editor? marketing specialist? tutor? adjunct instructor? creative writing teacher? all of the above?) I found these other links informative:
You might also appreciate this piece on The Millions by Nick Ripatrazone: “Got an MFA? Teach High School.” Nick’s article makes a reference to The Adjunct Project, a rather distressing website that features a database of adjunct pay scales at universities around the world. If seeing this database is a bummer, you might be encouraged by this comforting photograph, a record of one writer’s rejection letters from various literary magazines. And if you really want a jolt of encouragement, then check out Beyond the Margins’ own Randy Susan Meyers’ wonderful piece, “Fifty+ Shades of Publishing A First Book When Over 40 (50, 60, 70, 80, 90 Years-Old)” which offers a hardy list of writers who got their big break later in life.
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