Published Pieces

Made Local Magazine
"Drink Local: Root Down
Nov/Dec 2018

Birdland Journal
Fall 2018

Origins journal
Spring 2016 

Creative Nonfiction
Fall 2015 Issue #57

Georgetown Review
Spring 2014 issue; prose finalist 

South Loop Review: Creative Nonfiction + Art
"What It's Like" Fall 2013, Volume 15
Pushcart Prize Nomination

The East Bay Monthly
"Big Brother"
Theme: Something That Disappeared
Winter 2014 literary essay contest

The Press Democrat: Freelance Towns Correspondent --
Profiles of individuals & organizations, and human interest stories. 
Click on Girl Reporter to view articles written from June-Dec. 2012.

Petaluma hyperlocal online news reporter--
Artist profiles, human interest stories, restaurant reviews and more.  
Click on Girl Reporter to view 30 articles written from Nov. 2010-July 2012.

Los Angeles Times: (Ultimate Guide to the World special issue): "A Scintillating Slice of Samba Heaven" (print version) OR:  

"A Tourist & Participant in Brazil's Carnival" (online) Feb. 2010
(She dreamed of being a bejeweled samba dancer at the annual party. So how did she end up in a frumpy white suit and tricorn hat?)   

"If You Go: The Best Way to Rio de Janeiro" 

This story, as "Carnival Queen," received an honorable mention from the 2010 Travelers' Tales SOLAS Awards. Larry Habegger, editor at Travelers' Tales, gave this nice mention on Triporati: "But that didn’t deter Nicole Zimmerman, a Brazilian-born American who danced her way into a samba school to experience Carnival from the inside out. She tells her story in the LA Times."

The Best Women's Travel Writing 2009:
True Stories From Around the World  
a Travelers' Tales anthology

"Rite of Passage": first published on, 2008, as "Skydiving Queenstown: An Acrophobic's Rite of Passage"

The Left Coast Writers launched our Bay Area Book Tour in 2009!
 Nicole Zimmerman—adventuring to the extreme in New Zealand!

Travelers' Tales 2008 SOLAS Award: silver winner in Love & Romance: "One Little Kiss
The author hitchhiking in New Zealand

Vagabondish online travelzine: (2008)

Relationship Obits: The Final Resting Place for Love Gone Wrong anthology (2009):

“A potent repository for readers’ stories of love lost, captured in achingly or hilariously sincere tributes...The intimate (and omitted) details render these accounts heartbreaking and identifiable, each with the cathartic ring of long-held feelings finally released—or at least acknowledged—in concrete terms.” — Publishers Weekly

"Shasta in Stanzas"
Impact: An Anthology of Short Memoirs

Telling Our Stories Press 

“Profoundly sensitive and intelligent, Impact offers the reader a wide range of aesthetic and personal perspectives. Stephen King has made the comment that everyone has a story and that most of them are boring. CoCo Harris has culled through all the stories and found the ones that matter, the ones that move and excite, the ones that achieve art through the evocation of the universal through the personal.”

⎯Mark Spencer, author of A Haunted Love Story, The Masked Demon, and The Weary Motel

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