Monday, October 3, 2011

Literary News: HOOT launches mag on a postcard

HOOT: a postcard review of {mini} poetry and prose, is a new monthly literary mag (not to be confused with Hoot, a student-run fashion/lifestyle magazine). Each issue of flash fiction, nonfiction, poetry or indie/small press book review is fewer than 150 words. A corresponding "online only" issue will publish somewhere between 1 and 3 works. Annual subscriptions are $14, but those sending in pictures of HOOT shared creatively have a shot at a free subscription. (Do blogs count?)

As one of the first 50 who replied ("I hereby promise to be a HOOT ambassador of literature, spreading the word about this enterprise of postcard size") I eagerly await my free first issue--hot off the press this morning! Check out the premiere postcard (shown below) and the online version.

Editors Dorian Geisler (MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop; forthcoming publication in The Believer) and Amanda Vacharat (former editorial assistant at a fiction/nonfiction editing company & former intern at Potomac Review) ask those submitting to remember the Refrigerator Rule:
We especially like work that is audacious, surprising and zesty. Furthermore, we want this postcard to be shareable. Work that’s about the depressingness of gloomy alcohol clinking on the bottom of a shadowy glass in the gloaming after a father’s death wouldn’t work as well hanging from a fridge or tucked playfully in someone’s lunchbag. 
You can submit up to two pieces online for a fee of $2. While some may balk at the price of 300 words, the fee allows the editors to pay authors--somewhat of a rarity among journals. Those published receive 30% of all the submission money for that month (guaranteed a minimum of $10), along with five copies of that month’s issue. They'll also accept submissions for free for the online-only publication (email “”), though those authors won't be paid.

And... starting October 12, HOOT offers free chatroom flash-writing workshops, 8-9:30 EST.

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