Sunday, July 18, 2010

Writer's Website of the Week: Soulyluna's 'Book Look'

Who doesn't delight in children's books? Whether you have fond memories as a young sprout curling up in a cozy corner or climbing a tree to savor your favorite read, or you have rediscovered the playful poetry and illustrative art by reading to your own wee one or classroom of kids, you can't deny the beauty of children's literature.

Check out Book Look on the blog Soulyluna for some wonderful 'reviews' from a friend who writes about motherhood, education and sewing whimsical wooly children's clothes. I love her kangaroo pouch design inspired by The Duck and the Kangaroo.

I have a small collection of kid lit but this morning I perused my partner's shelf and found two beauties from her girlhood: the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin's fable The Tale of the Golden Cockerel, delectably illustrated by Ivan Bilibin, and Herge's pop-up book version of Adventures of Tintin: Explorers of the Moon, featured here.

"Holding up his scepter, he was about to make a speech, when suddenly there appeared before him the sorcerer who had given him the golden cockerel."
 "Something's wrong! The clumsy detectives have been meddling with the controls, and the nuclear motor has stopped. The artificial gravity created in the rocket by acceleration is cut off. Now everything floats about in a state of weightlessness, with the crew doing an unexpected flying ballet."

Dear Reader: What children's books do you pore over or pick out to read now? What illustrated or chapter books kept you company in your youth? How did your world open up?

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