Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bonni Goldberg: Percolation, Revision & Going Public

Years ago I took an afternoon writing workshop with Bonni Goldberg, author of Beyond the Words and Room to Write. Goldberg listed three things that nourish and move writing forward: Percolation, Revision and Going Public. She said our creative flow is disrupted when obstacles arise in any of these three areas. Certainly every creative person has confronted 'writer's' block: the fears of failure (and sometimes success) that stop us in our tracks. Goldberg claimed that shifting perspective and examining our attitudes towards our writing can help restore alignment with our work.

She defined these characteristics and offered some suggestions for breaking through --

Percolation: "Writing is like carrying a fetus." -- It's important to make room for ideas, notes and story starts. Goldberg suggested keeping a percolation file or notebook.

Revision: "You can't revise something that hasn't spoken to you fully. Only then can you move on into shaping something for others."  -- Goldberg suggested letting creativity, rather than the critical voice, lead you. If you feel stuck, start from a different place.

Going Public: "Coming out into the world as a writer involves sharing, risking and making oneself known. We all need invitations to grow as a writer." -- Goldberg said if writing is our gift or calling, then how do we fulfill our mission, our reason, our commitment to write (and to share it)? She suggested free writing about why you want to go public.

Dear Reader: Aside from the recognition and compensation of publication, how can you and your writing benefit from "going public"? Do you read aloud to a group, class or person? What other forums do you find useful?

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