Saturday, July 11, 2015

Writing Maps: "Inspiration in Your Pocket"

Got writer's block? Shaun Levin, a "deviser of Writing Maps," publishes what he calls "inspiration in your pocket" with a plethora of writing prompts in each portable creation. According to the website:
Each illustrated Writing Map contains at least 12 extended and thought-provoking writing exercises that will help you explore the city, the home, characters in fiction and memoir, the writing process, and life in general. Writing Maps are created to suit writers of all genres and levels. Writing Maps are devised to inspire stories, spice up your writing routine, expand your work, develop work-in progress, and make sure you have writerly fun in ways that'll surprise you.
Check out maps such as "City of Inspiration" and "Write by the Sea," and take a look here:


Levin is also the creator of The A3 Review, a lit mag that also "folds out like a map," with each section containing a 150-word-limit piece of prose or poetry. What's more, each month there's a Writing Maps writing contest on a theme, with the two winning pieces published in the A3 Review every six months. (Next issue is slated for September 2015.) This month's deadline is July 25:

The prompt for July's Writing Contest is: Journeys. Write the entire story of a single journey in 150 words. A journey around the world or around a room. A journey that took years or just minutes. A physical or spiritual journey. Journeys on foot, or by bus, train or plane. Real or imagined journeys, intergalactic journeys or a trip to the supermarket. Write about this journey as a poem, or in the form of a short story, a graphic story or a snippet of memoir. Fiction or autobiography, SF or mis mem, erotic or academic. Maximum 150 words.

Speaking of journeys, I'm hitting the highway at dawn tomorrow with my wife-partner for some of our favorite stomping grounds in the Eastern Sierra during a 3-week camping road trip. My posts have been sporadic lately, but I intend to get back to the blogosphere post-summer. So, keep writing...

Driving toward the Sierra Nevada from the Inyo Mountains
Photo credit: Nicole R. Zimmerman

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