Monday, December 22, 2014

Writing in the new year: what I'm working on now

What to tackle next? In my internet meanderings I came upon my first love: travel writing. Can't believe I'd never heard of Nowhere Magazine: Literary Travel Writing/Photography/Film/Art. This excellent quality digital magazine (Dave Eggers and others have been published in it) features a fall 2014 writing contest judged by Lorin Stein, editor of the Paris Review, with a deadline of January 1.

Writing I'm working on now
We are looking for young, old, novice and veteran voices to send us stories that possess a powerful sense of place. Stories can be fiction or nonfiction, but please indicate which genre at the top of your manuscript. Entries should be between 800-5,000 words and must not have been previously chosen as a winner in another contest. Previously published work is accepted, but again, please indicate this. Every submission will be read blind, so anyone can win...

And... I also happened upon cahoodaloodaling: a collaborative publication, with an upcoming theme:
Issue #15 – Travelogue
We are seeking submissions inspired by unique destinations, travel, international adventures, or simply the comforts of home. Send in your best works of “place” by the end of the year. Remember, we are open for all styles and forms of visual and audio art, poetry, literature, as well as essays, non-fiction, screenplays, collaborations and even letters home. Make us stand up and take notice.
Submissions due 12/31/14. Guest editor April Michelle Bratten of Up the Staircase Quarterly. Issue live 1/31/15
I've got several pieces in various drafts from my 2001-02 travels in New Zealand and Australia to consider for revision for Nowhere. And I've got a piece I've already revised that won a prior contest at Travelers' Tales and... voila!... cahoodaloodaling accepts previously published work.

With a few other story ideas, publications and deadlines before and after the new year, I'm set to go.

Dear Readers: Any writing goals for the new year? Whether you're working on first drafts or you're aiming for polishing and publication, consider setting yourself a schedule with a timed writing or word count per day or per week.

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