Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pushcart Press Nomination in South Loop Review plus Contest Runner-up in Georgetown Review

Thanksgiving week brought great news! Just after receiving my bound issue of South Loop Review, in which my first lit journal essay was published, the journal announced that they nominated my piece for a Pushcart Prize--just one of six nominations out of 30 in the publication. Here's what their website says: 
Every year, we receive amazing submissions from some amazing writers and artists. We deliberate, discuss, and even get giddy when choosing essays and artwork for our pages. Therefore, when Pushcart Prize Nominations are due, we have a difficult time choosing. This is not bad, but good! It means we publish strong, captivating writing. First, we want to say we love all our contributors in Volume 15. Second, we are proud to announce our Volume 15 Pushcart Prize Nominations. Applause, applause! 
Then, this past week I received news that a second essay was accepted for spring publication as a contest runner-up (among 8 poetry and 5 prose finalists) in Georgetown Review!
We received over five hundred submissions for this year's contest, and after much deliberation, we are pleased to announce that Matthew Lippman’s poem, 'Savages,' was selected as this year's winner. We've included a list of finalists.
Well, I'm beyond thrilled. There's nothing like publication (and prize) news and seeing one's name in print (and/or online) to motivate the writing and renew revision/submission goals:

South Loop Review 
Nicole R. Zimmerman (Pushcart Prize Nominee)
(Click the link to read the essay.)

Georgetown Review
Prose Finalists: 
Nicole Zimmerman – “Double Life”

Both of these pieces come from an essay collection (9 in total) that I wrote for my MFA thesis and since revised. In fact, it's in the revision process (over and over and over...) that I'm really applying the skills I learned in the program. Having stepped away from the work for a year, I'm seeing it all with fresh eyes and renewed focus, tackling the pages with ferocity and purpose. 

winter windshield (Nicole R. Zimmerman 12/7/13)


Amber Starfire said...

Nicole, I'm absolutely thrilled for you! Congratulations!

My memoir, Not the Mother I Remember (much revised from our MFA program) is launching next month.

Nicole R. Zimmerman said...

Thank you Amber! I do recall voting on the cover for your book -- and winning a copy or something...? ;) Congrats on the completion and let me know about any events for the launch!

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