Wednesday, May 29, 2013

One of the Best Things about Blogs -- Linking Back

Certainly one of the coolest parts of writing a blog is becoming aware of your readership. Whenever I post about someone's talk I always send a link to them, and often they re-post something about it to their own site. Here's what Frances Lefkowitz posted back in March  when I blogged about her author talk as well as her "wonderful pair of shiny brown patent leather heeled Mary Jane-style shoes."

Tips on Writing & Publishing Memoir

To jumpstart the evening’s discussion on writing and publishing memoir and personal essays, I interviewed myself, asking and then answering tough questions, such as “What if you can’t remember every detail?” and “After you published your memoir, did your parents stop speaking to you?”
Bonus: my shoes get some press…
maryjanes on steroids
maryjanes on steroids

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