Saturday, July 28, 2012

Published on Passionfruit: from skydiving in New Zealand to hiking in the eastern Sierras

Today I got the great news that an essay on skydiving in New Zealand, which first appeared on Vagabondish and later in The Best Women's Travel Writing 2009, has been republished online at Passionfruit: A Women's Travel Journal. Here's an excerpt with the link:

The first bungee jump from the Kawarau Bridge in the 1980s became Queenstown’s claim to fame, but it was the marketing from a local skydiving operation that enticed us the most:
It takes a certain kind of person to step out of an aircraft at 12,000 feet into thin air. You can expect sensory overload as your mind, soul and body fight against every natural, self-preservatory urge.
Was I the kind of person who could jump from an airplane?

Lake Parker, eastern Sierra
I have finally completed my 150-page thesis manuscript, concluding my coursework in the M.F.A. in Writing program! Now I'm in a mad dash to finish my thesis preface and format the whole thing with endnotes before I send it off for final copy editing. Tomorrow, I leave at the crack of dawn for one of my favorite places: the eastern Sierras (aka "the east side"), about as grand as New Zealand, I'd say. So I'll be traveling for a bit of summertime fun--camping, hiking, swimming and hot springing--most likely out of commission for a couple more weeks...

Happy (armchair) travels!

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