Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chasing the Parade: a story in a slideshow

This week marked my 1st publication as a newly hired freelance correspondent for the Press Democrat. I really enjoyed interviewing three local high school graduates on their success as finalists (and 2 of them, winners!) in the Beach Blanket Babylon "Scholarship for the Arts" competition. The article posted this morning and will be featured in print this Sunday in the Towns section. Not only is it a thrill to see my byline there, but my editor was impressed as well:

Very nice job, Nicole, and quick! I like your writing style, and you’ve done an excellent job with the interview questions and organization. I’m going to enjoy working with you.

I also did my 29th assignment for Petaluma Patch--a slideshow of the local Portuguese-American Holy Ghost Society parade for Pentecost.

Whittling down more than 100 photos to 15 was harder than chasing the procession and trying to get the right light with my point-n-shoot while at the same time writing down names with proper spelling on my notepad. I'm sure I'm comedic with my homemade press pass and puffy vest pockets full with my reporter's "equipment."

Next year, once my grad school loan is paid off, I think I'll invest in an SLR and take some photography classes. Mostly I just trust my gut, aiming for close-up, mid-range and wide-angle shots that add to the story told or combine to create their own narrative. In this case, the procession from a high school to a church, complete with marching bands, crowns and more queens that you can count (to commemorate Queen Isabel of 14th C. Portugal), formed its own movement forward.

Here are a few more that didn't make the cut:

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