Monday, December 5, 2011

Taking Stock: 12,000 page views and 12 months of publication at Petaluma Patch

It's that time of year again--taking stock of achievements and all that is left undone for a new year.  While I haven't reached this year's goals--to get published in a magazine and to write for a living at least half time, I've just surpassed 12,000 page views on my blog, and I've now reported and published 22 articles for for 12 months. Writing for my MFA program has taken most of that spare time between day jobs, and this week completes 3 semesters and 2 summers (with 1 more semester and 1 summer left)!

Here are the latest from Petaluma Patch--including an artist profile, a description of my day job, and a little holiday cheer from a different perspective: 

Capturing the Sonoma Spirit: Petaluma artist Warren Percell Sr. has created a line of faux-vintage posters showcasing Sonoma County beauty

San Antonio Program Helps Teen Parents Learn Critical Skills: For pregnant and parenting teens, school support makes all the difference

Searching for Hanukkah in the Holiday Season: Local celebrations and sales to keep you supplied with candles, dreidls, gifts and gelt


Nicole R. Zimmerman said...

from Sasha at Big Brother Mouse:

"Just in the last few days, we had 3 people send donations to sponsor book parties, people we'd had no contact with before, as far as we know. We cannot track what blog or website leads to what, but clearly, what you and others are doing to spread the word is making a big difference. Thank you."

Nicole R. Zimmerman said...

oops, I wrote Sasha's comment in the wrong post. Please see "Big Brother Mouse."

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