Monday, October 31, 2011

El Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead

All weekend long I wrote an essay about my grandparents and their deaths--the different lives they lived, how my relationships with each were filtered through their children, and how our families honored their passing in vastly different ways. And in my reflection, I learned some things:
"The rules of death don't obey those of the living, for death does not wait. It can't be scheduled between writing class and dance rehearsal, doesn't mind that you've already marked your calendar. Death doesn't consider vacation plans or convenient times. And no matter. What once may have felt momentous can quickly turn miniscule. For death does not care to fulfill the desires of those left behind."
Day of the Day sugar skulls

In honor of this week's El Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, here's an excerpt of my recent article about the revered Mexican holiday that is gaining much momentum in my little neck of the woods:

"To those not familiar with the Day of the Dead, celebrating death can seem like an odd thing. But the holiday is actually more about honoring loved ones that have passed on while acknowledging that death is an integral part of life..."

Read the full Petaluma Patch article: Day of the Dead Exhibit Celebrates Life, Aims to Build Bridges in Community.

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Arletta Dawdy said...

The masks are beautiful. My daughter and her 11 yo son are in Mexico for a year. They planned to celebrate el Dia de los Muertos in memory of my husband/her father and my granddaughter/her niece. Where better to do so?

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