Thursday, June 2, 2011

Right Now I am: A Writing Exercise

lichen-laden sliding door on Featherknoll Farm
Right Now, I am:

enjoying… solitude and solace in my home after several days speeding down slides and playing shark in swimming pools with my nephews on the east coast

listening… to Babel Gilberto’s bossa nova on my Quick Mix compilation of Pandora

consuming… too much information on the Internet

watching... watercolor clouds touch fields of grasses going to seed

looking… out my office windows on a backyard paradise—oak trees and barns beyond

thinking… about the next seemingly insurmountable 30 pages of thesis submission

feeling… sleepy-dreamy in a wistful way

waiting… for my girlfriend to return from her rafting fieldtrip; to celebrate her birthday at Sea Ranch next weekend; to go camping for three weeks in the eastern Sierras!

loving… sleeping in, determining my own schedule, summer!

hoping… all the unknowns of my future, particularly aligning work with passion and payment, will come to fruition like butterflies taking flight

(thanks to soulyluna and SouleMama blogs for letting me borrow)

Butterflies, by David Zimmerman (age 11)


rosaria said...

Hey, fun and easy!

dianefaith said...

I like your list, particularly the watching element and its watercolor clouds. I do this a lot -- wander out in the yard, look around, and write a few words about what I see.

soulyluna said...

love. it's high time for me to do another one of these. <3

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