Monday, March 14, 2011

Amsterdam Press: Good, Simple Stuff

Women and Other Hostages
Poems by Laura McCullough
Part of the Gob Pile Chapbook Series at Amsterdam Press.
Released 2010.
36 pages, saddle-stitched.
Completely up my paper-pencil-pen alley is all the wonderful hand-made stuff sold on Etsy. This evening I came across Plain Spoke: A Literary Speakeasy, featured in the Nov/Dec Literary Journal Spotlight of Writer's Digest. Looking them up online led me to their publisher, Amsterdam Press, and its Etsy shop!

According to their bio, Amsterdam Press is "a wee little publishing house in a wee little town in Ohio. The press was founded in 2007 as a means to publish Plain Spoke, a literary magazine that focuses on good, simple poetry, short stories, essays, Appalachian regional literature, and Americana richness."

Now the press publishes other little homemade delights such as the poetry chapbook on the left.

Their Mission:
Somewhere in between the horrifyingly confessional and the boringly universal, there's good, simple stuff like glue and string and inkblack and paper. That's poetry. That's prose. That's art. We love a little bit of whimsy, but we're suspicious of sugar coatings and glamour and things that are too shiny. Things around here are done by hand. There's a certain amount of grittiness involved, yes, but we like things better that way. We're about honesty. We hope you'll appreciate that. 
Oh, I do, I do!

Dear Readers, 
You can look forward to more posts featuring that of the good ole fashioned hand-stitched ilk and ink.

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rosaria said...

Oh yes! How wonderful to encounter such places.

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