Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Supporting the Writing Life: Part 4

A couple more things on supporting the writing life... with more to come!

Writing magazines are like teachers--they can instruct us in just about everything on the craft and business of writing. Some issues are theme-based, such as the January edition of Writer’s Digest called Write Your Novel in 2011. The issue covers storytelling techniques, character development, outlining strategies and more. The Jan/Feb edition of Poets and Writers magazine is The Inspiration Issue, with a special section on "the unpredictable engine of ideas inside every creative writer." Each issue contains a vast section on grants & awards as well as conferences & residencies. The Writers Chronicle, put out by AWP, "presents essays, articles, news, & information designed to enlighten, inform, & entertain writers, editors, students, & teachers of writing."

My favorite columns in Writer's Digest are the MFA Insider (penned by a different writer each time) and Breaking In, featuring a range of debut authors who share their agent tales, bumps and bruises, and sage advice. I love P&W's Literary MagNet, which displays several fascinating journals on one page. And just to add one more to my new year's goals, how I want to write an essay for Why We Write -- a 1500-2500 word guest column on "the more contemplative aspects"!

What writing magazines or journals do you subscribe to or read? What do you learn from them?
Yes, these days we're all inundated with emails and blogs, texts and tweets. But getting a newsletter or two from your favorite magazines, writers or organizations can link you to information you otherwise might forget to look up on your own.

Sign up for Writer’s Digest weekly e-newsletter and you’ll also receive the free e-book 70 Solutions to Common Writing Mistakes as well as a PDF of their 101 Best Websites for Writers. The list includes websites on creativity, writing advice, jobs and markets, online writing communities, agents, publishing resources and genres.

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