Sunday, December 12, 2010

Writer's Website of the Week: Annie Yu's curbside treasure

Annie Yu, a young and talented collage artist, poet, and aspiring graphic designer, keeps a beautiful blog called curbside treasure. She's the type of person who lives and breathes 'creative' every day. She wrote zines before blogs and keeps enviable visual diaries - moleskine collage pages filled with ephemera. Here's one example, which you can also purchase from her etsy shop online:

Annie blogs on curios she discovers in the bay area, scouring bookstores, unique markets and independent bookstores for old maps, stamps, photographs and papers. She started writing poetry when she was thirteen, and joined a program called WritersCorps, which teaches youth creative writing in San Francisco. Annie created a series of collages for a book called City of Stairways: A Poet's Field Guide to San Francisco, a travel guide and literary anthology written by WritersCorps apprentices.

Annie is also featured on I Live Here:SF, an online photography/portraiture project that explores the city "through the visages and stories of the people who participate." Annie writes:
"I remember walking through alleyways of Chinatown, hearing the crackle of mahjong tiles when the afternoon is blending into nighttime. When I was seven I was in the Chinese New Year parade. I remember wearing ballet shoes while walking on the brick road of Commercial Street.  I love the combination of faded turquoise and red."

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