Saturday, October 16, 2010

Writers Associations (& Video Blogging)

Today I attended my first gathering of the professional organization, Bay Area Travel Writers (BATW), on the waterfront in Sausalito, Ca. A more welcoming group would be hard to come by. After the laughter-infused 'business meeting' in which I introduced myself, numerous people greeted me and exchanged business cards. (I designed mine from a template and ordered 250 cards for about $20 from Vistaprint.)

Our presenter, marketing guru Mary Cary, shared her expertise on the benefits of video blogging. Click here to watch her free video tutorials on building your own website with blog!

Carnival-goers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Whether you're an aspiring, emerging or seasoned writer looking for mentoring, camaraderie or networking opportunities, consider joining a writer's association. Most present monthly speakers on the craft of writing and on marketing for publication. Previously, I was part of the Left Coast Writer's Salon, which led to the opportunity to premiere my first (print) published travel story on an anthology tour. Recently I joined Writers Forum and Redwood Writers -- a branch of the California Writers Club. Look forward to a post on the latter's annual daylong conference later this month in Santa Rosa.

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Nicole Zimmerman said...

Tom Wilmer, who oversees membership for BATW, responded:
"Yes it truly is a warm, friendly and amazingly supportive group....very much like a literal extended family."

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