Friday, October 29, 2010

Girl Reporter

In one week I landed my first five freelance assignments and started my internship at a literary agency, all the while continuing my day job at the children's center and going to graduate school "full time." Yikes. Tomorrow I attend a daylong writer's conference. So that leaves tonight and Sunday to finish all my school work (i.e. lots of research/writing), two freelance projects and blogging for hire. Double yikes!

Be careful what you ask for.

Though part of me is edging toward panic-mode on the time constraints, I'm thrilled about the opportunities that bring me closer to living a full time writer's life. My first assignment is to cover holiday gift ideas from local vendors, and I had a grand time this afternoon playing Girl Reporter: taking notes and photos while sampling chocolate truffles, chatting with an artist at a gallery, fingering home-made wool clothing and poring over hand crafted items, from fountain pens to beeswax candles.

Look forward to future updates and insights on the publishing industry, freelance reporting, the conference workshops and the MFA!

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