Monday, February 8, 2010

Los Angeles Times publication

 It feels like another New Year: The graduate school applications are finally in, my office has been rearranged with a window view from the writing desk, and my Rio Carnival story came out in the Los Angeles Times yesterday. It was published (both online and in print) in a special travel issue called Ultimate Guide to the World 2010.,0,3895637.story

Don't forget the "if you go" section:,0,3912804.story

Larry Habegger, editor at Travelers' Tales and the website Triporati, gave it a nice blog mention here:

UPDATE: March 1st the 2010 SOLAS award winners were announced and my story, Carnival Queen, won an honorable mention.

Now, back to the 'drawing' board...


Joanna Jenkins said...

YEAH! Congratulations for you!. The LA Times article is terrific.

Fingers crossed on the grad school application. That would be fabulous.

It looks like 2010 has started out with a bang for you! Way to go.


Nicole Zimmerman said...

Thanks JJ! I appreciate your efforts to gather some print copies from LA for me. I heard about your over-the-phone enthusiasm. :)

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