Friday, October 9, 2009

Writing down the Goals

I've started reading the book, My So-Called Freelance Life, by Michelle Goodman. The author insists on the importance of writing down (or blogging) one's goals in order to create "a road map of where you want your career to go, and some directions for how to get there".

Goodman says: "Jotting down your to-do list for making those dreams a reality will help remind you why you're here, working at home in hot pink pajamas" (or, in my case, a purple Japanese flannel robe and black slipper boots).

New Year Goals to Support the Writer's Life.
The short version: WRITE -- REVISE -- SUBMIT -- PUBLISH!
Step by plodding step. Each morning before work. 

The super duper long version (if you really wanna know):
  • Continue to research magazines (online &print) 
    • collect writers guidelines
    • organize bookmarks of mag websites/zines/blogs
    • cross reference story ideas/drafts with publications  
  • Create story submissions database  
    • no responses/rejections/publications
    • Apply for grad school(s)
      • statement of purpose/writing sample(s)
    • Form writing group
      • meet 2x/month for reading/critique
    • Take writing workshops (fiction, poetry, journalism)
        • Attend literary salons / readings / conferences
        • Continue editing/transfer of journals
          • memoir writing
        • Finish final revision of OLK and submit!!!  
        • Pursue children's book idea (garden)
        • Conduct interviews/oral histories 
          • Yurika: art/taiko
          • Nels/Pearl - farming family
          • women's self-defense?
          • women artists/visionaries: breaking the mold
        • Write profiles from interviews
          • Jess: Alaska wildlife biologist
          • Libby: Baja ex-pat
        • Revise fiction short story: Spring 
        • Revise/submit poetry? 
        • Write/submit education articles
          • school gardens
          • culture studies
            • Tainos/Columbus
            • Japanese American internment
            • pen pals 
        • Finish travel articles/stories:  
          • South Korea
            • Temple Stay
            • Brian's family
            • Rio de Janeiro 
              • Volunteer
              • Carnival
            • Bahia, Brasil 
              • Language study
              • Salvador
              • Festas in Lencois

            •  Thailand 
              • AFS
              • 20-year return
              • USA
                • campground hosts (interview)
                • California Brazil Camp
                • Jewish women's retreat
                • solo backpack to Half Dome
                • solo  7-month road trip
                  • identity/departure/return
                  • landscape/people/camping
                  • intentional communities/farming
                  • Rainbow stays
                  • women/safety
                  • romance
              • Argentina
                • pen pals
                • Leda's kitchen

              • New Zealand
                • wwoofing organic farms
                • trekking
                • slang
              • Australia
                • Aboriginal history
                • landscape/mapping
                • road trip caravan
                • destination: Karajini National Park
                • scuba diving Ningaloo Reef
                • train trip across Nullarbor Plain
                • Drums in the Outback
              • destination articles:
                • Luang Prabang, Laos
                • Ko Chang, Thailand
                • Trinidad/Klamath, CA
                • Oregon Coast
                • Lassen National Park/Butte Lake
                • east side: Sierras
                •  Baja: Cabo Pulmo


                Courtney Jackson said...

                Hey. Where's the plan to write a story about Nemur?

                loving you,

                Nicole Zimmerman said...

                ha ha that's funny. C'est vrai, there isn't anything on our European train trip. That was before my travel writing days. But oh, the fond memory of dipping a baguette into nutella on our Marais balcony. That trip would cost a fortune now!

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